Best Shooting Ear Plugs Reviews – Can You Hear Me Now?

Top Shooting Ear Plugs

​One short, intense loud noise has the ability to permanently damage hearing and even result in hearing loss. Because gunshots can range around 150 dB, they can result in instantaneous damage to your eardrum. For this reason, hearing protection like ear plugs are a necessity for gun fanatics and avid marksmen. For quite some time, the small foam ear plugs were a common item for ear protection found packed away alongside ammunition and eyewear in gun cases. Now, impact ear plugs with sound filters and electronic ear wear options lead the market, providing an enhanced shooting experience like never before. The prices on these sound filtering ear plugs vary greatly, as well as their impressive features and noise reduction ratings, so it can be difficult to decide which ones work best for you. Before you jump in head first, check out our list of some of the top shooting ear plugs with exceptional noise reduction ratings that can be found on the market today. We’ve included a suggestion from every price range, so you can find protective ear plugs that fit your needs and your budget!

Earmonix Shooting & Impact Ear Plugs

If you’re looking for a good pair of shooting ear plugs that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, Earmonix is a great place to start. These conveniently priced ear plugs are designed to reduce high impact noises while allowing most background noise, including voice, to be heard clearly, which makes them great for protecting your ears while on the range with friends. The high-quality thermoplastic polymers used to make this ear plug are medical grade and hypoallergenic, which makes them safe and comfortable for any user.

You can expect to reduce impulse noise that is up to 166 dB and the plugs are small enough to wear under a headset or ear muffs for extra protection. These are not electronic, so no fooling with batteries or chargers. They come in two different sizes, which will help you find a more comfortable fit for you, meaning they won’t get uncomfortable during long-term wear.

Titan Tactical Reusable Shooting Ear Plugs with Removable Noise Filter

Titan Tactical Reusable Shooting Ear Plugs with Removable Noise Filter

While a bit more expensive than the previous product, Titan Tactical still makes a great product for a very affordable price. The plug reduced sounds above 85 dB that could be potentially dangerous to the ear while allowing sounds of lower volumes to pass through easily, so the ear plug does not interfere with your ability to converse or inspect the sounds of the environment around you. The triple-flanged stem is made from medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone and provides a comfortable fit for all wearers. Unlike many other ear plugs in this range, the high-impact noise filter is removable, giving you a bit of customization for your ear plugs.

These plugs also come with an aluminum carrying case with a key ring, so you can easily toss them in your gun case or attach them to your key chain for safe keeping. There are no batteries required for the basic, yet efficient ear plugs.

Decibullz – Custom-Molded Percussive Filters

Decibullz – Custom-Molded Percussive Filters

Custom fit ear plugs are all the rage among shooting enthusiasts and hunters, but having plugs molded to fit your ears can be really pricey. Enter these custom molded filters by Decibullz, which fall into a medium price range, but certainly save a big buck when compared to other custom molding options. This ear plugs set comes with everything you need to mold your ear plugs at home and it's done easily just by heating the plug and shaping it to your specific ear. The plug is remoldable, making it a great option for growing kids as well!

Like many other plugs, the filters help maintain sound directionality and spatiality. However, Decibullz filters are breathable, which allows air into the ear canal to cut down on sweat and other discomfort during long-term wear. The filters also are certified up to 166 dB, so you get protection from any potentially damaging percussive sounds. These are non-electronic and do not require batteries.

Walker's Game Ear Razor Silencer Earbud

Walker Game Ear Razor Silencer Earbud

These silencer earbuds by Walker Game Ear are game changing with some head turning features. These electronic noise filters have independently controlled volume for each side so you can choose just how much and how little you hear. There are no worries about battery life either because the included #10 batteries hold an estimated 80 hours of usage. The easy on and off switch will help save battery when not in use. The ear plugs come with several silicone and foam ear buds in various sizes, as well as 3 different sizing fins so that you can create a more custom fit for you and experience optimal comfort.

This Razor Silencer Earbud uses Walker’s Sound Activated Compression technology to enhance sounds under 85 dB and reduce more significant sounds by 25 dB to protect your hearing. You can pack them up in the included carrying case with the optional lanyard for hands-free carrying. These silencer earbuds are higher on the price range, but provide optimal sound technology to enhance your experience whether on the range, in the woods, or in combat situation.

Westone DefendEar Digital Shooter Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

​These digital ear plugs are at one of the highest price points, but for very good reason. These ultimate protective ear plugs not only reduce dangerous sound levels by up to 30 dB, but they enhance sounds under 86 dB, block background noise such as wind interference and work for outdoor and indoor use. Feel free to pair with ear muffs for increased protection, although it is not necessary! Enjoy the ability to carry on casual conversations while protecting your ears from hearing damage.

They come with five differently sized foam tips so you are more likely to find your perfect fit. These earplugs include a wax guard to protect them from damage and aerate the ear canal, as well as 2 replacement wax guards and a cleaning brush. You get 6 #10 batteries and a small, convenient storage case as well.