PSE Brute X Review – Skullworks Compound Bow With A New Alternative

PSE is among the world’s oldest manufacturer and developer of archery bows and accessories. Since its inception, the company has been known globally for its exceptional bow accuracy and speed. Every PSE bow coming out of the factory is not just another piece of archery equipment for bow hunting or sport, but more of a masterful work of art.

PSE Infinity RTS Skullworks 2

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There are different lines of PSE bows, each with a particular use. With various models to select from, hunters can easily find the ideal bow to suit their needs.

One of the most popular types of bows in its line is the PSE Brute X Compound Bow (which has since been discontinued with the PSE Infinity Skullworks 2 being the best alternative bow). Mostly preferred by a majority of avid archers of all classes and ages, this compound bow is far more superior when compared to other types of bows such as the recurve bow, crossbow and especially longbows.

PSE Brute is flexible yet durable which can be used for any type of shooting be it bow fishing, bow hunting, or target shooting. Its rigid design and composition allows the bow to be drawn with less effort and resistance. This helps provide a better aim for more accurate shots.

PSE Brute X Skullworks package provides you with everything you need to get ready for the hunt. In the following PSE Brute X reviews we shall look at some of the notable features that makes it stand out among other bows.

PSE Brute X Specs


The RTS version of the Brute X with a mossy oak finish.

The following specifications are mainly based off our 2013 PSE Brute X review since the models specs have changed very little. The PSE Brute X Bow features a Madness Pro™ cam system that claims to be one of the most efficient cam system ever built. Featuring 1/2-inch adjustments, this single system comprises of a power-cam located on the bottom limb, with a round idler wheel at the top. The ultra-rigid riser reduces shock thereby increasing accuracy.

Thanks to its silencing package, the bow is very quiet and vibration free upon release.

The cam has a fixed let-off at 75%. The bow is easier to hold for a longer time for a beginner archer than a conventional 65% let off bow. Combined with a weight of just 4 lbs this bow is easy to hold for longer period of time at full draw.

The speed of the 2013 PSE Brute X is quite remarkable, thanks to PSE’s superb technology. Not only is the bow fast, sending an arrow to a target at a blistering speed of 320 fps, it is also one the most efficient bow on worldwide. This is due to the integration of composite limbs, vibration isolation and high-tolerance.

PSE Brute X fps not only provides the archer with incredible speed, but still offers an incredibly smooth draw. It makes use of a levering system of cables that serve to bend the limbs, which in turn offers the flex and power to eject an arrow.

PSE Brute X string together with a set of pulley system offers you with a drawn length of between 25 to 30 inches. However, it arrives with a 29-inch drawn length that can be adjusted as per your request. This gives you the ability to adjust the power of your bow.

Together with a draw weight of 60 to 70 pounds, it is certainly is certainly enough to get you excited about PSE bows and hunting. The thinner torque free riser together with the 7-1/2 inch brace height makes the Brute X bow quite easy to use.

Package Contents

Besides the aforementioned PSE Brute specs, the bow comes complete with a PSE Brute X package. This package comprises the following:

  • PSE Brute X compound bow (limbs, riser, cables, string, eccentric system)
  • Whisker biscuit rest
  • Gemini 3-pin sight
  • Quick detach 6-arrow Quiver
  • Flexxtech stabilizer with string stop
  • Wrist sling
  • Peep sight
  • Hush kit
  • Nock loop

This Ready-To-Shoot package will definitely get you going in no time without any hassles commonly associated with the use of other alternative bow types.

PSE Brute X Compound Bow

Stock version of the PSE Brute X bow.

PSE Brute X Price

As with any product, the exceptional performance provided by the PSE Brute Compound Bow comes at a price. The Brute X is within the range of $380.50 – $522.22. This is basically based on whether the product comes with a complete PSE Brute X Skullworks package or not. Such a price is however considered to be quite economical especially when compared to other alternative compound bow models.

From other PSE Brute reviews, most customers indicated that the price is just within their budget. Moreover, when considering the innovative design and great quality featured in its manufacture, the product is worth the price tag. It certainly gives value for your money.

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Pro’s & Con’s


  • PSE Brute X Compound Bow is a great choice even for beginners, thanks to its smooth drawing cycle
  • It is generally a lightweight bow featuring a shorter construction that renders it much easier to adjust, manipulate and carry
  • It is quite manageable especially in those closed quarters and wouldn’t need a lot of moving space for loading, aiming and letting fly an arrow
  • The high strength materials guarantee that the bow’s lifespan is very long and would not require as much maintenance compared other models
  • The bow is naturally accurate and generates a consistent pulling strength
  • Offers best value for your money compared to other alternative models.
  • Ready-To-Shoot package provides everything you need except arrows
  • Exceptionally quiet and vibration-free
  • Features remarkable speed


Apart from the mentioned benefits, the Brute X Compound Bow has a couple issues.

  • Some users find it quite difficult when making draw post adjustments as the bow press proves is trickier to use
  • The valley is at times a little wider to manage

PSE Infinity RTS Skullworks 2

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Final Thoughts

Based off our PSE Brute X reviews, this is one compound bow that delivers as per the needs of any archer. It incorporates incredible speed with unsurpassed accuracy. It features only a few setbacks that can be easily eliminated with the use of special tools included in the package. With certainty we can definitely recommend this for those in search of a perfect hunting bow.