Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews for 2018 – Professional Grade Bands are Standard

Some people believe bow hunting is a superior form of recreation to hunting with a gun. And then there are those who opt to hunt as the frugal ancestors intended (maybe)... with a slingshot. 

Don't be fooled, this is a must have tool. Even if you or going bow hunting, similar to carrying a knife, you should carry one of these just in case. Read our full reviews or check out the details in the table below:

ModelRatingNo. of BandsConstruction
The Scout Huntingbadge-best-seller-mini4.4OnePolycarbonate
BONLEX Pocket 316badge-best-seller-mini4.4OneStainless Steel
SimpleShot Torque4.7Onepolycarbonate
Eagle Strong Bands3.7ThreeAlloy
Wisdoman ProThree20"Stainless Steel

Nothing matches the satisfaction you’ll experience after your first time out with one, experiencing the projectile of a hunting catapult, and using a slingshot outdoors. Whether you’re just shooting bottles off the fence with friends or you’re trying to hunt rabbits or other small game (if your local laws permit this, of course), using a slingshot is satisfying and fun.

It’s a great way to relieve stress after a long work week, and it’s also a really affordable, cheap option when it comes to outdoor recreation. As shooting ranges, bolts, and guns can get expensive.

Hunting Slingshot Reviews

People who are drawn to slingshots as a weapon enjoy using them because of the primal excitement you feel when you shoot one. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment (like a recurve bow), and they’re great for carrying on hikes or backpacking because they’re often so light and portable.

Plus, the better you get at shooting them, the more satisfying it is. Practice your aim, then move on to seeing how far you can accurately shoot. They’re great for improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination, and they’re wonderful for older people as well who want to keep creating new nerve connections in the brain as they get a little older and may not want to go hunting anymore.

These tools have improved dramatically since they first starting being used, around 1839. And they aren’t the slingshots you remember making as a kid, trying to pop a squirrel over the fence. The slingshots of today are much more powerful, and they can be quite deadly.

What should you look for when investing in a hunting sling shot? There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you should check the laws in your state regarding sling shot use. You don’t want to get in trouble for hunting an animal where it isn’t legal, so it’s best to always make sure before you start aiming at creatures you see running around town. Weight can be a factor for many people; some may want a sling shot that they can easily carry around, while others need something a bit more powerful for a weapon to bring down small game.

Some people just use theirs to shoot cans ten feet away, while others want to start shooting at targets that are a bit farther away. Fork width and size are also something to consider. And you’ll want to pick a handle that’s comfortable for you, so that your palm doesn’t get sore after a long day of target practice. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you want a sight.

If you’re buying a slingshot for a younger child/beginner, you’ll want to make sure you first sit down with him or her and lay out some ground rules so that they’re able to use them safely, as these are of course weapons. You should let them know not to point the slingshot at others (not even at the family pet), and to take care when pulling back the band so they don’t hurt themselves. We recommend practicing with your child for a while before letting him or her use the slingshot unsupervised.

Here are our top 6 choices reviews for hunting slingshots in 2017:

1. The Scout Hunting Slingshot:

The Scout Hunting Slingshot

This model looks incredibly cool, with a sweet leather handle and a black band. It comes in camo, double black, or green. And we love that it’s made in the US. It uses a polycarbonate construction, includes latex Flatbands and FlipClips, and can fit any size of shooter. It’s a deadly little weapon, and you can even use it to shoot arrows with a little modification of the bandset. People loved the fact that the forks had indents, which made different bands and attachments easy to install. They also liked how durable it was and how comfortable the palm swell was. Wonderful option for all ages.

2. Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel

Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel

This is a great choice for both professional and casual hunters. It has a high quality rope and comes with two rubber bands. We loved the feel of this one—it’s fun to shoot, and we like the stainless steel metal frame. This weighs 12 ounces. Some users reported that they preferred to purchase different bands that weren’t so powerful, as the ones that come with it are quite stiff.

3. Torque Slingshot:

Torque Slingshot

We love the look of this slingshot; it seems like something a person fighting crime would carry. It’s affordable, made in the US, and super lightweight. You can use it with either hand, so it’s great for lefties, and it comes with bands. People find it comfortable to use and great for target practice. They also enjoyed the videos that came along with it, and found them great for getting started. A good introduction to the slingshot community.

4. Slingshot with Strong Sling Shot Bands Powerful for Hunting

Slingshot with Strong Sling Shot Bands Powerful for Hunting

If you want a cheap slingshot to get started with, this is your model. It’s under ten bucks, durable, and simple to use. It comes in yellow and red, and has an ergonomic handle as well as four different bands you can install. People like it for outdoor games. Designed for ages 15 and over. This might not be the best for hunting, but it’s a great one to start working on your aim with.

5. Professional Slingshot Wisdoman Stainless Steel Outdoor Hunting Sling Shot High Velocity Catapult

Professional Slingshot Wisdoman Stainless Steel Outdoor Hunting Sling Shot High Velocity Catapult

This model comes with steel balls for ammo as well as two rubber bands. It’s made from stainless steel that won’t rust, and the bands are high-tension, so it has a good amount of power. We find this one comfortable to hold and great for building your accuracy. It’s a good option for the price. Great for shooting cans to practice!

In the end, the hunting slingshot that will work best for you is the one that’s most comfortable and the size of the animal you want to shoot down. You don’t want to start out with bands that are too rigid, so keep in mind that you can always swap the bands that come with the slingshot out for something a little less stiff.