Diamond Infinite Edge Review – Bowtech Compound Bow

Rumors of impressive versatility is what’s driving many archery enthusiasts to seek out a good, comprehensive Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow review. They want to know if this bow is as really good as others claim and they want to find out if there are any limitations or disadvantages awaiting those who choose to go on and purchase.

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It’s not always too easy to find a great compound bow for beginners and youth, especially one that’ll stick with them and still satisfy their needs as they grow and become more advanced, yet that’s something the Diamond Infinite Edge is meant to change. This bow is made by Bowtech, which is one of the world’s finest compound bow manufactures. Even when expectations are high, Bowtech tends to deliver.

A Break Down of the Infinite Edge

Diamond Infinite Edge Bow PackageSo much focus is placed on how this bow suits the needs of children and beginners that many have come to assume that those are the only groups the infinite Edge works well for. The specs prove that such a misconception is far from true.

Having straight arrow travel is no problem with the Diamond Infinite Edge, thanks to the dual cam eccentric system that it’s based around. The cams are elliptically-shaped and perfectly synchronized, giving arrows a nice, straight flight.

That benefits beginners since they are still learning proper shooting form, but it’s something advanced users can appreciate as well. The cable slide is enjoyably smooth and sturdy.

The thing that proves that this compound bow is well suited for all is the broad diversity of its draw length and draw weight settings. The range for the draw length is from 13” to 30”, and the draw weight goes from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs.

The three setting ranges are A, B, and C. It takes a bow press to change the settings, but the best option is to take the bow to your local bow shop for the adjustment.

The Infinite Edge specs also reveal an IBO speed rating of 310, assuming 350 grain arrows, a draw weight of 70, and a draw length of 30. Remember that lower settings and heavier arrows translate to a lower FPS.

This isn’t the quietest compound bow on the market by far, but it’s not annoyingly noisy either. The Diamond Infinite Edge does come with a pretty good string stopper that eliminates hand-shock quite effectively.

Diamond Infinite Edge Black Ops Package

The Black Ops edition for stealthy night time hunts.

Still think this bow is limited to beginners and their target practice? Put it on its max settings and it has the power to take down the largest game found in all of North America.

List of the Infinite Edge Specs

  • IBO speed – 310 FPS
  • A2A length – 31”
  • Available draw weight – 5 – 70 lbs.
  • Range of draw length – 13” – 30”
  • Brace height – 7
  • Bow weight – 3.1 lbs.
  • Eccentrics modular, double cam
  • Let off – 75%
  • Available Finishes – BlackOps, Mossy Oak Infinity, or Pink Blaze

Pros and Cons of the Diamond Infinite Edge

What review would be complete without highlighting the pros and cons? There’s no reason to shy away from what the disadvantages of the compound bow are, but there are also some very impressive pros to consider.

5x Pros

Utter versatility

Want to use it just for target practice? The Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow is great for that. However, it also can be used as a hunting bow due to its sheer power. Looking for an excellent ladies’ bow, children’s bow, and men’s bow? You’ve got it all in the Infinite Edge. Due to the wide range of adjustment settings, a purchase of this bow can be considered an investment. If it’s bought for a child who’s five years old, it’ll still be serving them well when they reach 15 or 20 years old.

Formidable High-Performance

You can play nice with the Infinite Edge bow, but things start to get serious as the weights and lengths increase. This compound bow can rip arrows out at a blazing 310 fps.

Stylish Beauty

Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Camo

Diamond Infinite Edge pink camo with mossy green. Might be best to take this to a tree stand.

This is a bow owners can be proud to wield, with its pivoting limb pockets, high definition finishes. It’s the kind of compound bow that compels you want to get out and hunt or practice.

Easy to Use

The Infinite Edge is easy to tune and to shoot. It’s a forgiving bow that’s recoil free, quiet, and lightweight at only 3.1 lbs.

Great Value

This isn’t the most expensive compound bow on the market, but it’s surprising that it doesn’t come at a higher price tag. With the features, performance, and versatility this bow offers, it can easily be named a good deal for the money.

5x Cons

A Bit Slow

In order to deliver such a high amount of versatility, some performance had to be sacrificed in order to keep the bow lightweight. It turns out that the Infinite Edge is 5.5% slower than average.

Not Extremely Quiet

Hunters need a superior amount of silence, but beginners don’t. The Infinite Edge has been made mostly to suit the needs of beginners, so the focus has been on keeping it lightweight. Those who need the bow to be quitter can install some additional noise dampening accessories.

Not the Best Sight

Those looking for a high quality sight really aren’t going to be satisfied with the default sight that comes with the Infinite Edge.

Can’t Save Money on Arrows

Forget about using wood or cheap arrows with this compound bow. The infinite Edge tends to shred arrows that don’t have some quality to them. This can be a bit rough for beginners, as they tend to lose arrows.

Not the Best Instructions

The instructions provided for adjusting the draw and weight on this bow are a bit lacking in user-friendliness, proving quite frustrating for some, especially the inexperienced. For those having trouble making adjustments it’s best to let a pro do it for you.

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Video Review

Video review by Scott Soholt at Gannett Ridge in Fort Collins, Colorado:

Top 10 Infinite Edge Questions & Answers

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive review, here are ten of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding this bow:

How does this bow compare to the Razor’s Edge?

The Infinite Edge is designed to be a better bow than the Razors Edge when it comes to the needs of beginning archers. Take these facts into consideration:

The razor edge is rated at 308 fps, with a 29″ draw length and a 60# draw weight. At those same settings, the Infinite Edge is calculated to shoot around 296 -297. However, the Razor Edge cannot go to a 30” draw length and 70” draw weight, but the Infinite Edge can.

Is this for right-handed or left-handed people?

Both. There are only two different models of the Infinite Edge. One is for right-handed people and one is for the left-handed.

I want to buy a bow case. What is this bow’s length and width?

Length – 34 3/4 in.

Width – 11 5/8 in.

Is this a good compound bow for older beginners?

Thanks to the many adjustments, the Diamond Infinite Edge can be used by a fully-grown man or woman, as well as a teenager or child, whether beginner or experienced.

What is the bow’s axle to axle length?

It measures 31 inches from axle to axle.

What kind of arrows are best for this bow?

Wood arrows are to be avoided when using the Infinite Edge. However, carbon and aluminum arrows work with it just fine. A good idea is to take the bow in to a local shop in order to match it up with some arrows.

Can fiberglass arrows be used?

While not quite as commonly used with it as aluminum or carbon arrows, fiberglass arrows can be used as well.

Can a stabilizer be attached to this bow?

Yes. A Sims Limbsaver S-Coil is a compatible stabilizer.

Pictures of the bow don’t clearly display a mounting nut. Where might a stabilizer be attached?

The riser of the bow has a threaded hole for attaching a stabilizer.

What is the Let off of this bow?

The bow’s let off is 75 percent.