Coon Hunting Supplies for the 2018 Raccoon Season

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​Coon hunting season is around the corner and you’ll want to be prepared well in advance in order to have the best season possible. However, due to raccoon’s nocturnal lifestyle and the pure nature of the hunt, there may be a few supplies for coonhounds and even things like coon hunting lights specific to coon hunting that you won’t find in the rest of your hunting equipment. This list will let you in on some of the best and most vital coon hunting gear for this (and every) coon hunting season.

Unless your superpower is night vision, you’ll need to supply a little light for your nighttime hunting trip. While regular flashlights are an option, you’ll probably find out pretty quickly that it's much more convenient to have a hands-free option. That’s where the cap light comes in. This LED cap light by Kohree will provide you with all the light you need while securely fastened to your favorite hunting cap. You will have access to a basic white LED light with different brightness options, as well as both red and green LED lights for optimum visibility. Enjoy a battery life of up to 20 hours with the rechargeable battery pack, which can be recharged with either the home or car charger. The light is rainproof and anodized for extra durability, so it’ll last you all the way through the season and well into the next!

Ridge Runner Coon Lure

Ridge Runner Coon Lure

This mint scented lure may not be a necessity but it can definitely help out on those foggy, difficult hunting nights. This sweet lure oil will definitely attract plenty of coons and works best if you like to use traps during your hunt. The oil works great along waterways to really improve your hunting turnout.

Coon Squaller Call

Coon Squaller Call

Another important accessory for your coon hunting season is a good coon squaller call. Even with the best dogs to tree your coons, you'll need a good call to lure them out into an advantageous position for the kill shot. This coon squaller replicates the sounds of an agitated male raccoon to try and draw other naturally defensive raccoons from the tree, which allows you to get a good eye on your prize. You'll find yourself using this call time and time again to locate and lure every raccoon you come across. The frosted design looks great and the sturdy build makes this a great tool for your hunting bag.

Garmin Alpha Track and Train

Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Track and Train Handheld

When you have your loyal coon dogs on the hunt, you'll want to ensure their safety and have a way to keep up with them! You can easily keep an eye on your side and the price with this handheld tracking system by Garmin. You can easily track up to 20 dogs at a time at a range of up to 9 miles away! The training features often 18 levels of stimulation loaded directly to their collars, which will help you teach them to meet the mark every time. You'll be able to keep track of each dog’s speed and distance during the hunt—experience notifications both in sound or quiet vibrations.

You should pair this tracking system with the Garmin TT15 Dog Collar. The collar is waterproof up to ten meters and durable enough to go anywhere your dog takes it. Enjoy a battery life of up to 40 hours and find great fit for any dog, whether full-grown or puppy stage. For puppies, enjoy this collars training features, as well as the rescue mode that will help keep your dogs safe during every hunt.

Muck Boots

Muck Boot Mens Woody Max Hunting Shoes

Because coon hunting is generally done in foggy, marshy conditions, it's important to have a good pair of water resistant boots. You'll find quickly that tennis shoes just don't make the cut, and cold, wet feet can quickly cut a hunt short. To avoid this discomfort, consider a pair of Muck hunting boots. The high-rise, high-quality rubber build will keep your feet dry even when trekking through puddles is necessary. The down fleece liner will keep your feet warm and trap in body heat. You can find these boots in men's and women's varieties, as well as multiple designs, including this Mossy Oak camouflage that will match the rest of your hunting gear.

Duke Coon Trap

Duke Coon Trap

These pull trigger traps are great for those who like to trap hunt. The all steel construction will last you all season long and you can ensure that your pups will be safe too, because they are dog proof. The channel is narrow and in the event that a dog can wiggle their paw in, they don’t have “fingers” to reach the trigger, which is located deep down inside the trap.

You can use these H Type Stands by Hilltop Outdoors for securing your traps to the ground. These stands will allow you to easily adjust the height of your traps and stand at 14 ½” tall. Don’t forget the corresponding Trap Set Tool by Duke Animal Traps to help you easily and safely set your traps each time.  

Fur Handling Kit

Wiebe 7 Piece Fur Handling Kit

​Unlike some other game, raccoon is often hunted for their meat and their fur. Their incredibly thick, lush coats are in high demand in some parts of the world. Because of the thickness and nature of their fur, skinning a raccoon is a bit different from skinning other animals and requires special equipment. This fur handling kit has everything you need to skin raccoons and other furry animals with ease. You will get a two handed fleshing knife, skinning knife, gambrel, tail stripper, a pelt skinner and some replacement parts. With this kit, you’ll be able to make precise cuts to preserve the fur and easily clean the raccoons to harvest the meat.

If you love to coon hunt, you know that having the right accessories can really make or break the hunt. With the help of this list, you should be able to find everything you will need for this year’s coon season, so get ready for a high turnout and loads of hunting fun.