Best Crossbow Bolts & Arrows For Hunting Reviews

You might think its an exaggeration but finding the best crossbow bolts can be a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be. Much of it depends on your current bow, broadhead, hunting level, and so on. With a curated list, like the one below, you should be able to narrow your options and select the right fit and size in no time.

Top Rated Bolts

TenPoint Pro Litebadge-best-seller-mini5.020"Carbon
Barnett Outdoors Arrows w/ Field Pointsbadge-best-seller-mini4.620"Composite Carbon
Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched4.722"Carbon
TenPoint Omni-Brite Lighted Pro Elite3.720"Carbon
BloodSport .003 Straightness4.320"Carbon
Extra Survivalbadge-best-seller-mini4.416"Aluminum
Wicked Ridge4.320"Aluminum
EASTON XX75 MAGNUM4.320"Aluminum
Lumenok Barnett Headhunter4.720"Carbon
Easton Bloodline5.022"Carbon Fiber

Now that crossbows are allowed to be used by hunters (make sure you check with your state’s law & regulations), many hunting enthusiasts are beginning to try out this adaptable weapon. This is because this weapon presents exciting challenges to the way they approach their prey.

It is a short-range weapon, as even the best crossbow does not have the energy and power of a rifle, but with the use of a good scope, it can be very accurate. The traditional bow has shorter range than a rifle but the affectivity range of a bow is even shorter. That means that the user will have to enhance his stealth skills some more and creep in closer to get into shooting range.

best crossbow bolts reviews

The good thing about these weapons is that, just like the traditional bow, you get to pick up the arrow, or the bolt you have fired and use it again. The crossbow bolt can be used for any number of times provided they have not sustained serious damages on previous firing.

Note: Make sure you have quality broadheads (and plenty of them) in your ammo box.

This cuts down the frequency of buying new ones for replacement, something you cannot do when you are using a rifle. However, the crossbow bolt will soon wear out with use and one may need to purchase a new one.

Choosing the right bolt for your bow

Picking the best crossbow arrows for your bow is not as difficult as a lot of people make it sound to be. Compatibility is always the key to getting the perfect bolt. You need to know what your bow requires.

Simply consider the draw weight, power stroke and brand of your weapon. Bow manufacturers have determined the type, length, and weight of arrows to be used for their product.

To use an arrow that is not compatible with your bow requirement can lead to damage to the bow or even a loose arrow that can cause death. So the best thing to do is pick an arrow according to manufacturer’s specification.

You can also choose between aluminum and carbon arrows. Both are fast and consistent, although the carbon tends to be more durable.

Crossbow Bolt Reviews

Here are some top-selling 20” carbon crossbow bolt reviews you can check out:

Barnett Outdoors Carbon 20-inch Arrow with Field Points

#1 Pick: Barnett Outdoors Carbon 20″ Arrows

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-inch Arrow with Field PointsThis is an 8.1-ounce arrow built with strong, lightweight carbon shaft. It has a Composite Carbon Shaft with a more consistent thickness that enhances its durability. At 13.78 grains per inch, matched with a 100-grain point, this bolt provides optimal accuracy and target penetration.

Carbon Express 20-inch Pile Driver Crossbolt

#2 Pick: Carbon Express PileDriver 20″

Carbon Express 20-inch Pile Driver CrossboltThis bolt is the heaviest in the Carbon Express line. It is built with composite materials for extreme durability particularly on impact. Diameter of the arrow is 0.348” and straight tolerance at +/- 0.004 MAX. Weighing 442 grains, this arrow has the greater ability to create maximum kinetic energy and has stronger knockdown power compared to the Barnett.

TenPoint Pro Elite Carbon Lighted Arrow

#3 Pick: TenPoint Omni-Brite Lighted 20″ Pro Elite

Ten Point Crossbow Pro Elite Carbon Lighted ArrowThe TenPoint Pro arrow comes with a Spitfire 100 grain mechanical broadhead. The arrows are assembled, individually tuned to each broadhead and weight-matched for accuracy and precision. We listed two of our favorites here, one is lighted (for training and path shots) and the other is not.

These three brands are among the top well respected manufacturers in the industry and it is worth checking out both their carbon and aluminum arrow product lines.

Regardless of which you choose make sure you practice safe hunting and carry all the necessary gear before heading to the hunting ground field.