Best Hunting Crossbow Reviews

best hunting crossbow reviewsAny hunting aficionado would know the importance of a crossbow when hunting. Not only does a good crossbow need to have efficient arrow velocity, but it also needs to feel comfortable. You need to use one of the best hunting crossbows to ensure that there is a good combination of draw weight and string travel.

Apart of this, you would need to take into consideration your physique and other physical conditions as these factors play a big hand in making use of the weapon.

But if you are physically fit and are geared with a top of the line bow, hunting will be even more enjoyable. So for those looking to buy a good hunting crossbow for the deer in your area, here are our 3 top rated best hunting crossbow reviews:

Barnett Ghost 410

Known for their well-crafted bows in the market, the Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow is one of the newer models manufactured. Weighing 185 pounds, this beauty goes off at a speed of 410 feet per second. With the speed of this weapon, catching that deer will be a cinch.

But before buying this, make sure that you try it out to ensure that you get a comfortable combination of draw weight and string travel.

Although speed is essential, it is more important that you feel comfortable with your bow, otherwise you will not be able to fully utilize its full potential. Should you choose to buy this, you will get three bolts that come along with this crossbow.

Excalibur Matrix 355 Xtra

Like its namesake, the Excalibur Matrix 355 Xtra is one of the best hunting crossbows you can find in the market. Known for their superb quality, Excalibur hunting bows are some of the most powerful devices on the market. At a height of 34.8 inches and weighing 5.4 pounds, it can go off at a speed of 355 feet per seconds. Before buying the Excalibur Matrix 355 Xtra, make sure that you try it out.

One of the main things to look out when buying a bow would be to see how comfortable you are when cocking it. Should cocking the bow require ample amounts of strength, then this will definitely be the crossbow for you.

Remember that should you be cocking the machine in the wrong manner, you will not be able to fire accurately. So make sure that you are able to use the weapon comfortably.


As most hunters would know, the secret to adequate firing would be the placement of your shots. Add top of the line equipment to good shot placement and you become unstoppable.

One of the best in the market, the PSE TAC Elite Crossbow comes at a height ranging from 41.5 inches to 45 inches. With draw weight of 150 pounds, this crossbow goes off at a speed of 405 feet per second. Easy to use, this model is perfect for those who are in the sport of hunting deer and the likes.

Now that have found the best crossbow for deer hunting, if you’re looking for some deer hunting tips check out this video!