Best Gifts For Hunters Who Have Everything – Our Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: hunting season! Not only that, a festive cheer is in the air thanks to the holidays. When you combine November and December, you are bound to have to buy a gift for a hunter somewhere along the way.

Whether it’s a family Christmas exchange or an office secret Santa, you want to give the best present on the market. If you are not a hunter yourself or have a small budget, you will want to stay away from specific bows or guns. However, you can’t go wrong with some of the coolest and most effective hunting accessories. So, what is the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything?

We have combined the most awesome but affordable gift ideas from earlier hunting gift boxes we received and have added a number of the hottest new hunting gear just waiting to be snapped up by those in the know. 

Moreover, we have taken on board interest from readers in our previous guides to help us put together a truly amazing range of holiday season gifts for hunters. To add a twist, we have focused on can’t-go-wrong hunting gift guide at reasonable prices instead of going straight in with specialized top end gear.

1. Primos Bloodhunter HD Blood Tracking Light

Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

This specialized light is a handy tool for the avid hunter in your family. Chances are good your friend often hunts in the late evening or early morning, which means its dark outside.  They will love having a specialized light that can track blood. The Primos Bloodhunter HD Blood Tracking Light uses a customized filter that reduces certain colors to amplify blood. Not only that, it’s powered by 600-lumen CREE XM LED lights, which uses state-of-the-art technology to make blood visible in different kinds of terrain. There are two different power settings for both low illumination and HD tracking. The flat grip and lightweight design make it comfortable to carry and easy to handle.

2. Scent Crusher Ozone Go

Scent Crusher Ozone Go

Any good hunter knows that animals can sniff things out pretty easily. That is why they want to eliminate as much odor as possible. There is more to it than no putting on deodorant or cologne; animals will get a big whiff of those eggs and bacon you had for breakfast. One way to get rid of smells is the Scent Crush Ozone Go. Hunters can plug it into their vehicle’s 12-volt outlet on the way to their location. It will quickly rid the air of any scents and kill bacteria that causes odor.

This gift is a win-win because, on the way back home, the Scent Crusher Ozone Go will kill any unpleasant smells left on the hunter from the woods, too. This affordable product equally keeps the car fresh as well. If you have a bigger budget, check out Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag for even more high-tech hunting gadgets

3. Oakley’s Radarlock Path Sunglasses

Oakley’s Radarlock Path Sunglasses

Hunters are subject to the outdoor elements every time they go hunting. Even if it is a nice, sunny day, they are being exposed to UV rays. Besides needing a good pair of sunglasses for that alone, hunters are constantly coming in and out of the shade. Oakley’s Radarlock Path Sunglasses take care of that with its plutonite lenses, which filter all UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. These shades also eliminate up to 400nm of harmful blue light. Not only that, but these particular sunglasses feature advanced technology including the Radarlock Path. This means your friend or family member will be able to stay locked on their target.

Sunglasses often get scratched over time, even if they boast of having scratch-resistant lenses. Oakley solved that problem, thanks to their Switchlock technology, which features interchangeable lenses. That way, they can always have the one-of-a-kind O Matter framework with Three-Point Fit technology for holding lenses. Speaking of the lightweight, stress-resistant frames, they are made with unobtainium materials that actually grip more as you sweat so they won’t slide out of place. These shades also have interchangeable nose pads for an even more customizable fit.

4. BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove

BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove

All little fire goes a long way, especially for hunters. A campfire is an excellent resource for many things from cooking food and boiling water to providing light and heat or keeping predators away. Another necessity is to charge electronics like GPS equipment and cell phones. With technology at an all-time high, this innovative gift is perfect for the hunter in your life.

The BioLite Camp Stove can do all of that and then some. During a full burn, this stove can boil one liter of water in about five minutes. It also can charge most USB devices. In fact, powering a smartphone for just 20 minutes will give them about an hour of talk time. It can still be used during power outages, too. The starter battery jump starts the camp stove to save power. The handy equipment is around two pounds, so it is easy to transport. This is one of the best gifts you can get for a hunter, but it costs a little bit more than the other gifts. (believe it or not, this present is around the same price range as the Oakley’s sunglasses!)

5. Midland GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radio

Midland GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radio

Even though hunters want to be very, very quiet while tracking an animal, communication is equally important. In fact, being able to talk to the other hunters in your group might end up saving a life. However, most people lose reception or service in a heavily-wooded area. Long-range walkie-talkies like the Midland GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radio can solve the problem.

They have a 36-mile range and 50 channels. With communication being key to make a hunting trip safe, the hunter in your life will benefit from the NOAA / All Hazard weather channels, which includes vibrating alerts and weather scans. The walkie-talkies also have nine levels of VOX including a hands-free mode and 142 privacy codes. Not only will your hunting buddy appreciate your concern, but he or she will love the camo design. 

Any of the ideas listed in this great gift guide for hunters will surely be the perfect gift for any seasoned hunter and is much better than a thoughtless gift card. After all, who wouldn’t want a unique gift to go with a few beers in their gift basket for the holiday season or Christmas?