Bear Encounter Bow Review: Specs, Sales, & Price on RTH

The Bear Encounter bow is one of my top recommended compound bows. It is made by none other than, Bear Archery, one of the top global manufacturers of hunting bows. Unfortunately, the Encounter is no longer available, which is why we recommend our favorite replacement bow to the Encounter, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2.

However, in case you are buying it used and wanted to read a review on this bow, we left the article intact. That being said, if you want to check out similar bows, you can check out our top compound bows article by clicking here.

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Started by Fred Bear, the company started gaining increased popularity shortly after its inception in 1947. Ever since, Bear archery has always remained one of the leading bow manufacturers.

The company currently manufactures quality bows for various types of archery such as hunting, competition shooting, and 3D target practice.

Although the company tends to stick to older research and successful models, every now and then the company comes up with new advancements in compound bow technology that are highly acknowledged by experts and consumers. But don’t worry, you old bow isn’t old and outdated. It just means that there are some new features that might be appealing to you, but not worth the price of upgrading just yet.

This is evident in one of its top models, so keep reading our Bear Encounter review. This bow was designed with one purpose in mind; helping you to consistently hit your target each and every time. From reviews across the web and from feedback from shop owners, many archers across the globe are impressed by its exceptional quality. It’s a smooth shooting machine designed for the beginner and adjusts to grow with any youth archer.

Bear Encounter Bow Specs

Similar to the Bowtech Assassin, this unit also comes in a variety of bow packages. The Bow Encounter RTH package works exceptionally well because you get everything that you need to get started in a single package.

The Ready To Hunt Package includes the following:

Bear Archery Encounter RTH

  • A set of 6 custom carbon arrows
  • 6 XX75 Camo Hunter Aluminum Arrows
  • 3pk of broad heads
  • A sight
  • Quiver
  • Choice of two arrow rests
  • Hard case
  • Stabilizer
  • Wrist sling
  • Release and peep sight

The Bear Encounter incorporates an E2-cam that provides smooth drawing, thanks to the steel bearing on which it rotates. This single cam system allows the archer to adjust the strength of the bow to certain tolerances much like the Diamond Infinite Edge bow. The adjustments can be done in 0.5 inch increments.

The Bear Encounter features a draw weight of 50 to 70 pounds and an adjustable draw length between 27”-32”. For hunting this falls within range to hunt any game animal in North America. Of course you should check with your state to what the exact requirements are.

As the bow is drawn, the draw weight will increase to a peak (70lbs) and then “let off”. The let-off for the bow at its peak weight is 80%. Such let-off enables you to accurately shoot the bow because not as much force is required to draw the string.

Video Review:

These adjustable features enable you to attain an impressive IBO speed of up to 310 fps.

The bow features an aluminum riser. With a span of 30.5″ axle-axle, it weighs in at just under 3.7 pounds. Such a short length and lightweight design allows for greater maneuverability. If you do a lot of moving in the woods, you will definitely appreciate the size and weight of this bow.

The strings and cables of the Bear Encounter are made of high-modulus polyethylene. This is a tough material that features high impact strength, great resistance to corrosive chemicals and abrasion. This material is designed to have superior tensile strength and minimal stretching. It enables the bow to transfer all stored energy of its limbs as efficiently as possible to the arrow.

Bear Encounter Arrow Rest

Everything that a bow hunter would require to take down a game animal is included. There is no need to purchase other accessories. The specs of this compound bow make it perfect for hunting a wide range of game such as deer, moose, and turkey.

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Pro’s and Con’s

The Pros:

  • The bear encounter compound bow is generally a lightweight bow, thanks to its aluminum construction. Weighing a mere 3.7 pounds, it enables the archer to easily carry, adjust and manipulate it.
  • Making adjustments to the draw length is quite simple. This can be attained by using the available tools included in the package. This saves you the effort and time required to fine tune the bow.
  • The 2013 bear encounter has a smooth drawing cycle that is a perfect choice for novice archers. It feels fairly balanced and also easy to hold at full draw with the 80 percent let off. The smooth draw cycle also renders the bow much quitter to operate.
  • It is one of the leading compound bows that offer great value for your money since it features high performance and exceptional accuracy. This is something that is desired by most bow hunters. Additionally, it comes with a ready to hunt package.

The Cons:

Despite its benefits, the bow has some setbacks that include the following:Bear Encounter Lower Cam

  • The Bear Archery Encounter compound bow is only available in Realtree APG. This means that the archer is limited to a choice of only one color pattern. This is quite a major setback since the color and requirements of every hunter are different. I deal with the same this when it comes to my PSE Brute X.
  • The 310 fps speed generated by the bow is quite powerful but slightly less when compared to other alternative models with a similar price tag.
  • The bow generates hand shock, especially when hunting in cold weather. It is difficult to use with gloves on which provides little for hand warmth while shooting.
  • The Bear Encounter bow is difficult to string and unstring, especially when you do not have the proper tools to help you in the process. This may result to injuries.
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Do we recommend the Encounter?

Despite being more of a beginner’s bow, it packs a punch to get the job done. This bear archery encounter review has pointed out that this compound bow is truly a work of functional art that takes archery to the next level. Based on our review, this is one bow that delivers and will satisfy the needs of any archer.

The combination of features and high quality workmanship make it worth recommending to anyone in search of an affordable hunting bow. Good luck and happy hunting!