Barnett Vortex Hunter Review – Junior Archery Compound Bow That’s Good For Hunting & Cheap!

To kick off this Barnett Vortex Hunter review for youth archery, we must say that Barnett strives to improve their bows over their latest models each and every time. They have made them feel stronger, fire arrows faster, and overall give the archer a better feeling.

Barnett Vortex Hunter

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For younger archers, the Barnett Vortex comes in different varieties, but we will focus mainly on the Junior Hunter edition for this review. These are typically designed for people under the age of 18.

But don’t get me wrong, this is still a real bow which can be deadly to animals and people.

Vortex Hunter Specifications

Barnett Vortex Hunter

  • Draw length of 21-27 inches which is a wide enough range to cover most children and young adults.
  • The adjustable draw weight can range between 16 to 45 pounds. Greater than 40 pounds is considered enough to take down large game in some states.
  • It has a 60% to 70% let-off, which means that you can still get the full potential of the bow without having to expel 100% of the energy required to draw the string.
  • Barnett includes a 5 year warranty. This should be more than enough time to get use out of the bow. By the 5 year period is up, you will want to upgrade to a bigger and stronger compound bow.
  • Right handed bow that comes in a hunting camouflage color.
  • It’s considered to be a ready to hunt package. It comes with target arrows, a quiver, arrow rest, sight, and the package it comes with acts like a carrying case.


  1. It has a similar design and function of an adult compound bow. Everything from the way the bow draws to the way it shoots, is exactly the same as an adult bow, just with slightly less powered if configured to the lower poundage.
  2. It’s quite cheap when you consider the above. The Vortex Hunter package contains everything you need to start shooting right away.
  3. The Barnett Vortex hunter bow is perfect for target practice, but only the Barnett Vortex Youth Bow is powerful enough to hunt with.
  4. The draw weight can be changed without the use of a bow press. This saves a lot of time and money from having to go to a shop or purchase a press yourself.


  1. While this is a beginner bow, it may be too dangerous for smaller children, especially when left unattended.
  2. The Barnett Vortex Lite is a smaller bow. Depending on the size of the person using it, they may outgrow it very quickly. If you suspect that that will be the case, it may be better to find an adult bow which is larger.
  3. Depending on which state that you live in, you may not be able to order this online.
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Top 10 Barnett Vortex Questions

First let’s look at a Barnett Vortex Hunter review video:

Does this come with a whisker basket? And do I need one?

A whisker basket is used to help the arrows pass off the bow without brushing against the bow. This package should come with an arrow rest which is basically the same thing. So you do not need one.

Are the arrows that come with it any good?

You will definitely want to buy a different set of arrows. Even if you don’t plan on hunting with them. The included arrows are extremely dangerous but they are made for children.

The quality is not so good. It would be a good idea to bring your bow with you to a professional store to find the perfect arrow rest to accompany the new arrows.

Does it include a nock?

No it does not. However, your local archery store will have them for less than $2 and they may also install it for you.

Is this a good bow for hunting deer?

Be sure to check the hunting regulations of your individual state as the minimum draw weight varies from state to state. Most states allow for a minimum of a 40-45 pound setting on a compound bow in order to deer hunt.

Am I too old for this bow?

Age is not a factor when deciding if a bow is right for you. The size of your body is what matters. If you are extremely tall and have long arms, this is definitely not for you. Imagine someone who is in the 6th grade. This bow is more ideal for their build.

Where is the Vortex Hunter made?

The bow is Made in the USA and manufactured in the Midwest.

What is the benefit of starting with this bow?

Barnett Vortex Hunter 45-60lb model

Barnett Vortex Hunter model 1104. Notice the cams are black instead of red.

This bow is excellent for target practice because it’s exactly the same as an adult bow, just smaller. The more practice you put in, the more you will become one with your bow, and the better you will be able to shoot.

Can I use this for bow fishing?

If your state allows it, yes. Many adults find the smaller nature of this bow to be better than the full size. If you are fishing on the side of a dense brush bank, in a boat or canoe you won’t want to use a large bow.

What is the model number of this bow?

The model number is 1105 which can be found on the upper limb. But just to clarify, model 1104 has a draw weight of 45 to 60 pounds.

Can you remove the limbs, especially if one cracks?

No, you cannot. This bow isn’t designed to be broken down. The price of a new limb wouldn’t be worth the cost of the part nor the proper installation.

Barnett Vortex instructions manual

Instructions should be included in the package when you purchase it. If not, you should contact Barnett directly. Barnett stands by all of their products and takes the smallest of things very seriously. You can count on them for high quality products and impeccable support.

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Final Thought

In terms of features, we definitely see this bow as being the perfect fit for most beginners.

The price also makes it a big win. If you should outgrow this bow, there is a good chance someone you know could benefit from it as well. And on the off chance you don’t, you could easily sell this privately and put the money towards your new compound bow.