Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Review

The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow offers value for money with its affordable price and performance comparable to high-end crossbows. With its simple design, it is ideal for beginners. Advanced users can also use it as a great alternative to a pricey model, a practice tool and a powerful hunting weapon. It also scored well among reviewers taking note of its simplicity and effectiveness. There might be a few downsides as well that you might want to know.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow ReviewType and Specifications

The Inferno Fury is a recurve type of crossbow. It is harder to cock compared to a compound type, but it comes with a string accessory handy enough to lessen the burden of reloading.

The total width of the weapon (measured from limb to limb) is 27 inches, while the string length is 26.5 inches. The draw weight is 175 pounds, while the weapon itself weighs 4.84 pounds. Compression fiberglass is the material used in the limb while the rear stock is made of lightweight composite. Aluminum is used as the truck material.


This bow is packed with features that make it such a good value for money. The kit comes with four 16-inch fiberglass bolts, three red dot sight, arrow rest, rope cocking device, foot brace and basic arm guide.

Additional features include ambidextrous stock and safety, which makes the bow excellent for new users, right or left handed shooters. This feature also prevents potential injury since awkward movement is prevented. Another is the anti-dry fire capability. This protects the weapon from damage caused by dry fires, making the crossbow highly durable.  It also has adjustable scope mounts so you can freely upgrade the scope you want to use.


The Arrow Precision boasts solid performance. Even if it only comes with red dot sight, it has impressive accuracy. The materials make it highly durable and easy to use. You can trust that the limbs would not splinter even after you fire hundreds of arrows. It comes with one-year warranty so the manufacturer replaces the limbs. The drawing can speed up to a 235 feet per second.

Who is Inferno for?

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury CrossbowThis weapon is an excellent choice for beginners because it is very affordable, short and lightweight. It is also easy to use when aiming and comes with reliable safety features. However, it is not highly recommended for hunting purposes due to slow speed and low kinetic energy. It is ideal to be used when hunting for no farther than 25 yards. The strings can last for up to 500 shots assuming you wax them regularly. The kit also has additional string. In case you need replacement parts and accessories, they are very easy to find online.

Overall, this weapon is a decent bow at such a fair price. However, do not expect too much since high-quality scopes are priced very high. The sight of this crossbow will fairly do its job, but as you advance your skills, you might prefer a multi-reticle scope that has better magnification, optics and capabilities.