Top Outdoor Survival Gear Every Guy Should Have

Weekend camping or hunting trips are always exciting, especially when heading out with your friends as a group. To make a good trip safe and fruitful, the right outdoor survival gear is a must as well as careful safety preparations.

You don’t want to find yourself getting lost out in the middle of nowhere without anything to defend yourself. For certain cold climate areas it could pose a real danger, something that can be easily avoided if you bring with you the right gear.

Below are the essential tools for your next trip that you should always carry for unexpected circumstances.

Hiking Boots

hiking bootsYou need to be comfortable as you would utilize your feet quite a lot (duh!). A good set of hiking boots will help you wonder in this case. The boots will help prevent you from plants, leeches or rocks & wet soil. Be particular about the choosing a waterproof boot. In addition, pair it with long dry socks to prevent any insects from entering. To add more protection, always have in handy insect repellent before you venturing into the wood.

Tactical Flashlights

tactical flashlightDarkness is not fun for anyone. A tactical flashlight will be your best friend after the sun goes down. Get a compact flashlight, or a head-wear which would help you free your hands for important stuff. Remember to choose one with enough power, so you could see clearly. In dangerous situations, you could even use the tactical flashlight to disorient the enemy in split seconds, which gives you a chance to run away to safety. Some flashlight models come with a hard edge bezel, so you could strike back and do some damage to them if need be.

Handheld GPS or Compass

Military-Compass-Metal-Survival-GearKnowing where you are is very important when it comes to any outdoorsy trips, be it a weekend camping or for hunting. A handheld GPS will be enough for most people, but it relies on battery to function. A compass is therefore also recommended for further assurance, if for no other reason than backup. Just make sure that you know how to use these devices, so you could locate yourself and make your way to safety, should anything happen. Also, make them easily accessible in your backpack, as you would use them quite often.

Hunting Pocket Knife

Benchmade Griptilian KnifeA Pocket knife is more than just for hunting, it is a universal tool for everyday life, not only for the great outdoors. Its use is endless, from cutting ropes to defending yourself in the wild. Always have it ready in your pocket, and clean the knife before putting it back. Also, wipe the knife dry, so it won’t become rusty after short time of use.

Range Finder

Vortex-Optics-Range-FinderA good range finder will assist your greatly on your trips as well. It helps calculating the distance from you to the target, so you could hunt more effectively as it will complement your scope, whether its attached to a crossbow or a sophisticated compound bow, perfectly. The perfect spotting scope or range finder would be one with high-end optics, comfortable to hold and magnification ability (7x – 8x is acceptable but you should seek better ones). Some good brands that you could consider is Bushnell and Nikon.

Safety First

A good hunting trip is great when you have safety covered. So make sure you have the right outdoor gear with you at all times for a safe and enjoyable time with your buddies. Learning how to effectively use these tools will help you tremendously in upgrading your skills, even the experts agree!

This article is from a friend of mine Jimmy. He is obsessed about gadgets, tools and DIY projects. He runs a blog where he shares his insights about all kind of cool guy tools at the Air Tool Guy website and wanted to share his favorite ones related to the great outdoors with my audience.