Deer Hunters Moon Guide – Best Times to Hunt and Why

Deer Hunters Moon Guide – Best Times to Hunt and Why

What if we told you that there was a way to increase your productivity when deer hunting, and it all had to do with the moon?  If you hadn’t heard whispers and rumors of this before, you’re probably more than a little cynical.  What in the world does the moon have to do with hunting deer?

Well, a lot, to be honest.

There’s a moon guide that hunters follow, some even swear by it, and they all state that it does help during the hunt.  You see, it’s all about finding the best time to hunt -- and following the moon is one way to find that best time. 

But why the moon?  There has been a ton of research and studies that show that deer move the most at twilight; all phases of twilight.  Deer movement changes with each different move cycle in surprising ways, meaning you could find a time where deer are moving around more and plan a hunting trip around this specific time frame.  With a moon guide in hand, you could very well discover when the best times to hunt are. 

Now that you know the basics of deer and the moon cycle, here are a few tips on how you can get the best deer hunting experience, all by paying a bit closer attention to the moon up in the sky.  As every hunter knows, timing is everything.

Early Morning Movement

Want to get up bright and early?  Want to smell the fresh air as the sun begins to rise, all while you’re out hunting?  Well, there’s a specific time to hunt deer in the early morning according to the moon, it just so happens to be during a new moon.

A new moon is the moon cycle where the moon is in conjunction with the sun and can be invisible from Earth.  The new moon cycle also can include the time when the moon appears as a very slight and slender crescent moon. 

During a new moon, deer are most active during the early mornings.  Compared to their movement and overall activity during the rest of the day during a new moon cycle, early morning is really when you want to hunt during this time. 

Mid-Morning Movement

If you’re looking for a good time to hunt deer in the mid-morning, there is one major time to hunt:  during non-quarter periods. 

What, exactly, is a non-quarter period, you may ask?  Essentially, non-quarter periods are days that are not within 48 hours of a quarter, new, or full moon phase.  During this time, deer are most active in the mid-morning, compared to the other hours of the day.

Midday Movement

Well, what if you’re more of a midday hunting type of person?  What if waking up early, or even going out for a mid-morning hunt, is not your style?  Well, no fear -- you can always hunt in the midday!

If you want to hunt deer in the midday, hunt during the full moon.  During the full moon, deer are very active during the midday compared to any other hour of the day.  That means you’ll see, and possibly hunt, more deer during this time than any other -- as long as it’s during the full moon cycle.

Late Afternoon Movement

If you’re more of a late afternoon hunter, you should hunt during the last quarter.

The last quarter of a moon cycle is about five to ten days before the full moon.  Deer are notoriously much more apparent and active during the late afternoon at this time during the moon cycle.

Main tips to remember when hunting deer according to the moon cycle

Here’s the thing:  you have to have a good and steady understanding of the moon cycle if you want to try and figure out when you should hunt deer (according to this method).  This is relatively easy to do, as you can figure out the moon cycle by simply looking it up online. 

If you’re serious about following through and hunting according to the moon cycle, it doesn’t hurt to make a schedule or create your own calendar.  That way, as the new moon cycle or phase starts, you know just where you are in regard to hunting.

Also, it should also be noted that the moon isn’t the only thing that controls deer movement and deer activity.  Elements like the weather and temperature are still very much important.  Just because it’s a new moon doesn’t mean you’ll have some luck at finally getting an edge on a deer -- especially if the weather is quite horrible out.  Temperature and weather are still very important to consider when hunting.

Therefore, it should be stated that, while the moon really can influence deer movement, so much else does, too.  If the weather and temperature are good and you decide to hunt in the early morning during a new moon, there’s a very high chance that you’ll have a good hunting day, according to what all the researchers and analysts say.  There’s always more than one component that helps bring about a good deer hunt.

Finally, let’s talk about the favorite time hunters like to go out and hunt, according to the moon phases and cycles.  For the most part, a fan favorite time to hunt is about six to seven days before and after a full moon.  For some reason, hunters just continuously flock back to this time frame, as they have the most success (and fun!) during this period. 

It’s always worth mentioning this, as some people may not have heard the whole hunting myth about the full moon (and before and after said full moon). 

 Of course, as we stated above, a lot of different components need to meet for there to be a perfect hunting day but following a moon guide has become a popular way to pinpoint the best time for hunters to head on out for the day.  After all, timing, in regard to hunting, really is everything.