Best Mechanical Broadheads: These Will Improve Your Shot

Ramcat Broadheads

If you’re looking for a way to improve your shot with your crossbow, you may just be looking for a new, better broadhead.

There are two types of broadheads: fixed and mechanical. For this article, we’re going to be focusing on the best mechanical broadheads that will improve your accuracy.  

First of all, what exactly are mechanical broadheads? Mechanical broadheads come in both front-deployed and rear-deployed designs. Mostly referred to as the best broadheads for hunting deer, mechanical broadheads are also considered easier to shoot than fixed broadheads. Different mechanical broadhead brands offer a wide variety of cutting diameters that tend to leave large entrance and exit wounds. One of the main reasons hunters enjoy using mechanical broadheads, compared to fixed broadheads, is the accuracy during windy days or when there is some resistance in the air that they can’t control. Mechanical broadheads tend to work very well in these conditions.

Here are the best mechanical broadheads that can improve your shot and your overall accuracy:

WASP Jak-Hammer SST

WASP Jak-Hammer SST

This mechanical broadhead is one of the best around—and many, many people consider it to be number one in all categories. With razor sharp blades, this broadhead is as high quality as they come. One of the best things about these broadheads is their durability. Many customers and hunters that use this specific model and brand say that they’ve used one head to shoot multiple animals. If you take care of them enough, you may get a ton of use out of just one head.

The WASP Jak-Hammer SST broadheads are great for shooting turkey, hogs, deer, and even larger game.

Carbon Express Torrid SS Br​​​oadhead

Carbon Express Torrid SS Broadhead

The Carbon Express Torrid SS Broadhead comes in an expandable design that increases cutting action. With a cutting diameter of 1.5 inches and a blade thickness of .031 inches, these mechanical broadheads are some of the best. This model also comes with aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and more than increases the average strength and penetration of the broadheads.

A lot of more inexperienced hunters, or hunters who don’t necessarily hunt consistently, love these broadheads. For beginners looking to improve their shot and accuracy, these may be the best broadheads yet.

Grim Reaper Razor​​​​cut SS

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS

The Grim Reaper Razorcut SS is specifically designed for higher kinetic energy bows and Whitetail sized game. The head is made entirely out of stainless steel and can improve your accuracy in an amazing way. These broadheads tend to be tied with the WASP Jak-Hammer SST broadheads, which are mentioned above, in consideration for the best mechanical broadheads of all time.  

Swhacker Broa​​​​dheads

Swhacker Broadheads

Swhacker Broadheads come with .032 inch blades that are both stainless steel and incredibly sharp. These broadheads are also made with ferrule, enhancing that accuracy you’re searching for. And, finally, the Swhacker Broadheads come with a hardened high carbon steel point.

These broadheads are quickly becoming a favorite among hunters for a variety of reasons. Most notably, the unique blade design is new, efficient, and definitely helps with improving your shot and hunting.

Ramcat Bro​​​​ad​​​​heads

Ramcat Bro​​​​adheads

Ramcat Broadheads are one of the best aerodynamic broadheads ever made—and many people have tested them and found that statement out to be true. These broadheads are completely stainless steel, with sharpened blades at the front and rear, and has .032 inch thick blades.

Ramcat Broadheads also boast their insane accuracy and penetration, with strong wind. These broadheads are almost scarily quiet in flight and the accuracy is definitely amazing. Many people say that these broadheads have the best penetration amongst all other brands.

Rage Kore

Rage Kore

These broadheads are a bit weird looking, but they get the job done in a new, efficient way. The precision and accuracy of your shot improve almost immediately once using these broadheads, which is pretty incredible. With razor-sharp .035 inch blades and a 1.6-inch cutting diameter, these broadheads are great. Rage Kore also comes with new technology that ensures proper blade retention—something we’ll also talk about below when we discuss the Rage Hypodermic Mechanical Broadhead.

Gravedigger Chisel Point

Gravedigger Chisel Point

The Gravedigger Chisel Point comes with two deployable blades at 1.75 inches, and one main blade at one inch. These broadheads are some of the sharpest on this list, making for some of the best accuracy and hunting you’ll ever experience. While the brand is a bit unknown and still on the new side, it is quickly making a name for itself. Hunters are continuing to try out these broadheads because of the sharpness of the blades, which are amazing.  

NAP Spitfire 3 Blade

NAP Spitfire 3 Blade

With a 1½-inch cutting diameter, the New Archery Products Spitfire 3 Blade is 100 mechanical grain. Completed with diamize sharpened blades, a hardened trophy tip point, and micro-grooved slimline Ferrule, these broadheads come to be highly esteemed by hunters. After using these broadheads for the first time, you’ll definitely notice how incredible your flight accuracy is now.

These broadheads are also the best broadheads for deer because of their simple blade mechanism.

Rage Hypodermic Mechanical Broadhead

Rage Hypodermic Mechanical Broadhead

The precision and accuracy of these Rage broadheads are insane. With razor-sharp .035 blades, which are stainless steel, a two-inch cutting diameter, and a massive leading edge blade, these mechanical broadheads are favorited among many hunters. These broadheads also boast that they come with new and improved high energy shock collar technology that ensures proper blade retention.

One of the biggest assets this broadhead has is its incredible accuracy. Many hunters note how it looks like a surgical precision—and that these broadheads give that surgical accuracy more than any other brand or model out.

Rocket Steelhea​​​​d

Rocket Steelhead

​Rocket Steelhead promotes a broadhead that is the most accurate and strongest broadhead ever created. One look at their 1 1/8 inch cut and you start to think they might be right. These broadheads are absolutely great in terms of accuracy—even on those horribly windy days. The minimized surface area reduces the inaccuracy that may happen on windy days and instead boosts the overall accuracy performance. Plus, the blades are as sharp as they come.