Best Hunting Backpack for Staying Comfortable and Prepared in the Wild

Best Hunting Backpack for Staying Comfortable and Prepared in the Wild

It’s time to get out there and hunt, which means it’s time to find a backpack that can help get the job done.

All hunters know that comfort and reliability is of the utmost importance when deciding which backpack to bring out with them as they hunt.  For the most part, you really can’t just pick up a bag from the store and call it a day.

You need something reliable and sturdy, something that will help bring you comfort even in tense situations, and something that you won’t have to worry about as you’re out there hunting. 

While picking out a hunting backpack is just the first step in the game (what in the world do you even need to pack?), it’s an important one.

One of the main components that make a backpack a good hunting backpack is its reliability, as well as its overall ability to help increase your hunting experience (in a positive way).  Therefore, some packs are designed especially for hunting big game, while others are more universal in their uses. 

A noiseless, silent backpack is a good backpack for hunters, so we’ve tried to make sure the backpacks that we recommend below are actually useful and safe to use while out on the hunt

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite backpacks that we take out when we hunt.  Want to stay prepared and comfortable while you are out in the wild on your hunt? 

Check out these backpacks below for the best experience.

Timber Hawk Killshot

Timber Hawk Killshot

The Timber Hawk Killshot is definitely one of the best hunting backpacks around, and may even be the best.  First of all, it comes decked out in a camouflage design and pattern that really does make it a lot easier to blend into the brush.  It’s small, making it easier to carry than some of these big, bulky backpacks on the market, meaning this is the perfect pack for the narrower of trails. 

It’s also designed to be a really quiet pack, perfect for hunting.  The storage is quite nice in this pack, as there are a ton of pockets on the inside and outside, as well as a large internal compartment that can hold anything you desire.  It also comes equipped with compression straps that are quite sturdy, helping bring durability and stability to you when you might be carrying a heavier load. 

If you need to climb or run quickly, this pack also comes with quick release clips that help you to instantly drop the pack.  Additionally, this backpack comes with an orange rain fly to help keep all of your gear dry, while also announcing your presence to all the other hunters in the area.

Badlands Superday

Badlands Superday

The Badlands Superday pack has all the storage that you never knew you needed in one backpack.  While this may not be the bag you want for those overnight camping and hunting trips, this pack is great for those short, day hunting trips.  The storage gives you enough room for a few extra materials of clothing, as well as room for all the gear you need while out on the hunt. 

This backpack was designed to be quiet and not scare away any animals while you hunt and even comes with noiseless zippers.  The pack is also made from a molded foam that does a lot to help prevent any muscle aches or pain that you might get from other backpacks.  Overall, this pack is pretty comfortable to be out hunting with, as well as stable and reliable across the board.

Slumberjack Bounty 4500

Slumberjack Bounty y 4500

The Slumberjack Bounty 4500 backpack is great if you’re planning on hunting big game, such as elk, because it is quite a large and stable pack.  It’s a backpack that was designed specificallyfor huntinglarge game, as well as hunting at high elevations, so if this is your hunting specialty, you’re going to need this pack asap. 

It’s a highly stable and dependable backpack and won’t easily tear while you’re out hunting.  For a big pack, it also surprisingly helps keep the balance steady while you are carrying all of your heavy gear.  This specific model is designed to carry both bows and rifles, and it can even be adjusted for shorter trips where you might not need the large pack frame. 

Overall, this is the best backpack to have if you plan on going out and hunting big game.  With its camo pattern and overall quiet design production, it really is one of the best backpacks out on the market today.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

The ALPS outdoorZ Commander backpack is another pack that was specially designed for big game hunters.  If you like those long hunting trips, this is the perfect pack.  It comes equipped with a ton of storage space, as well as a frame that helps with carrying larger kills.  The overarching element of this pack is its stability and sturdiness, which is always needed on those long hunting trips

The zippers are quiet and stable, the internal storage compartment can actuallybe divided in two, and it comes with a rifle holder so that you can have your hands free when you’re out on the trail.  This pack is also easy to detach the backpack from the actual frame,and you can even transport your fresh meat easily and conveniently to the frame by strapping it.

Finding a good hunting backpack doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  You always want to make sure you are well prepared while out hunting, and a good, reliable, sturdy, quiet backpack is the first step to get there.  It’s all about finding the pack that will do good for you and helps bring a good hunting experience into a great one. 

 Do you need a pack just for big game hunting, or maybe you just want one that’s a bit more universal?  Find out what you want -- and what you need -- and go from there.  It’s all about keeping yourself comfortable and well prepared while you’re out in the wild.