Best Deer Calls: These Ones Actually Work

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​​Deer make many sounds to communicate with each other, and those sounds can easily be replicated with a good deer call. The variety of sounds makes a good deer call a hunting necessity. However, with so many varieties on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones really work and are just a waste of time. From grunt calls to fawn bleats to snort wheezes, you want to have a variety of sounds under your belt to ensure you can attract any trophy game you please when deer hunting and want that trophy big buck. To help you weed out the best deer calls on the market, we’ve made a list of the ones which really work, including standard calls all the way to the most modern hunting technology.

​Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call

This exquisite deer call offers some top-notch technology that you won’t find in any other deer calls. Its patented Modislide System allows you to easily replicate sounds of a buck, doe, or fawn. Aside from a wide range of crisp tones, this call also leads the market in volume production, so you’ll be able to easily call game far and wide. You can use this for hunting mule deer, black tail deer, or white tail deer. Along with its advanced game calling technology, you will receive an instructional DVD to help you master this call and learn to use it to its full potential. This deer call may easily be the top call on the market today, which is probably why so many hunters are raving about it.

It also offers FreezeFree technology which makes it suitable for use in any weather conditions. The call comes with a spring to attach to your lanyard to easily tighten the grip. This call and complete instructional guide will surely help you see a successful hunting season and for a very reasonable price.

Primos Hardwood Grunter Deer Call

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

Primos brand has been a long time favorite amongst hunters and this deer call holds up their high standard. Like other Primos products, this call is made out of the highest quality materials for extra durability. The real hardwood design offers rich tones and vibrations. The adjustable reed assembly allows variety in your calls and you will be able to produce both grunts and bleats with the help of an extendable grunt tube.

Aside from expert usability, this call is sleek and stylish and will look great on any neck strap. The medium color hardwood body gives off a look that's pricey, but with this Primos deer call, you’re really getting all the quality for a very reasonable price.

Hunter’s Specialties True Talker Deer Call

Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call

This deer call takes it back to the tried and true basics. This True Talker Call is great for hunting white tail and can produce and grunt or bleat on their sound range. You can easily replicate the sounds of bucks and fawns alike, which gives you control over the deer you attract. The patented fingertip controls will help you call fast and efficiently. You can easily adjust your tone and pitch with the simple roll of a finger switch. There are raised indication marks to help you find the finger placements for different sounds. The hardwood reed system won't freeze up even in the coldest weather and the call is easily disassembled for cleaning.  The rubber mouthpiece provides extra comfort when in use, and the included lanyard will help you keep up with your new call during your hike and keep it within arm’s reach for quick and easy access.

Cass Creek Ergo Handheld Electric Call

Cass Creek Ergo Handheld Electric Call

This handheld electronic call by Cass Creek offers an alternative to the classic deer call that is both convenient and effective. The call consists of five expert deer sounds including: buck grunt, aggressive snort/wheeze, tending/mating grunt, lost fawn, rattling antlers. All sounds are activated by a separate button, so it is easy to interrupt and overlap sounds to create a realistic display and attract trophy game.

The handheld operates on three AAA batteries, so you can easily swap them out during your hunt and won’t have to hassle with charging. It also features a realistic camouflage finish that matches all your hunting attire and accessories. This electric handheld deer call is one of the most convenient calls on the market, as it will save your lungs and a ton of time while effectively attracting plenty of game.

Primos “The Original Can” Deer Call

Primos The Original CAN Deer Call with Grip Rings

This deer call is one of a kind, but renown among hunters as a very effective calling method. The can works by using compressed air to produce noise, which sounds similar to a deer’s bleat. Simply flip or lightly shake the can to call and easily attract whitetail, black tail, and mule deer to your location.

The comfortable grip and raised thumb hole makes this deer call easy to use. This can, made by a trusted favorite brand, is small enough to easily store away or toss in the pocket of your coat for easy access.

Quaker Boy Weezzy Snort Weeze Deer Call

Quaker Boy Weezzy Snort Weeze Deer Call

This call is an incredibly unique piece of equipment to add to your hunting bag. It produces only one sound: the snort wheeze of a whitetail deer. Using the call is easy: simply blow in short bursts and the sound is created for you. The snort wheeze is an aggressive sound used by a buck to show dominance when encountering another buck, so you can expect the noise to attract some pretty large trophy game. The call is compact and easy to store and comes attached to a lanyard to keep it at arm's length. This call can stand alone but is also a great addition to your neck strap alongside other calls.

Whether black tail or whitetail, doe or buck, having a good deer call is essential to attracting game to your location. Any call on this list is sure to improve your hunting season, so be sure that you're prepared before you set out after that trophy buck!