Best 3D Archery Targets for 2018


​The sport or hobby of archery has been around for a long time and involves using a bow in which to propel arrows. Its roots actually date back to the Paleolithic or Mesolithic era. Back then, archery wasn’t seen so much as a sport, but more or a necessity where it was often used as a form of hunting or in combat. But, times have changed. And now what had started out as a means of survival is now a pastime enjoyed by many people across the world.

​So what makes archery so popular?

​If you haven’t ever given archery a go, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. There are many reasons as to why people choose to participate in the sport of archery. Here’s just a few of them:  

  • ​It’s enjoyable. For many people, archery is simply a way to blow off steam and have some fun.
  • ​Can be done indoors or outdoors. Archery doesn't have to be a weather dependent sport.  As long as you have the room, archery is perfectly fine to set up indoors. Or, if you don’t mind a little rain, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it outdoors whatever the weather!
  • ​A great way to improve focus. To be a good archer, as well as having a certain level of physical fitness, you will need to have good focus. If this isn’t your strong point, then it’s a great way to develop this lifelong skill.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive. If you’re playing for fun, archery is pretty cheap as far as hobbies go. You can pick up all the equipment you need for less than $100.
  • It’s a great way to keep fit. Archery isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s physically demanding and requires a lot of upper body strength. Those just starting out may want to work on that first.

​Best 3D archery targets for 2018

Whether you’re new to the world of archery or are a seasoned expert in the sport, one thing that all archers have in common is the need to have good equipment to work with. Aside from your bow and arrow, the only real other piece of equipment that you need to practice your shot are standard block targets. Some of the best targets in use today are 3D targets. Not only do these foam targets provide you with something realistic to shoot at, they’re also more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than paper targets. The following are some of the best 3D archery targets for 2018:

Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target: 

Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

If you’re looking for good block targets that are lifelike and durable, but won’t break the bank, then look no further than this 3D buck on offer by Field Logic. Easy to put together and able to withstand thousands of shots, this target provides the perfect solution for anyone wanting to get in a little archery practice. Although the buck will stand up on its own, it’s advisable to use the stakes that are included for extra stability. It comes equipped with a fully replaceable insert to enable hours and hours of practice.     

Rinehart Targets Woodland Boar 3D Target: 

Rinehart Targets Woodland Boar 3D Target

Standing at 24” tall and 39” long, these boars make great practice targets for anyone looking to get into archery. It’s durable enough to withstand the power of shots from crossbows and compounds and is equipped with 10–8–5 scoring rings that enable you to see how close you’re getting to the sweet spot and help improve your shot where you can. The inside material is made from Rhinehart’s signature foam which makes arrow removal nice and easy. And, it’s also self-healing. 

Delta McKenzie Backyard Howling Coyote 3D Target:

Delta McKenzie Backyard Howling Coyote 3D Target

Another very lifelike crossbow target, this time on offer from Delta, is this 35” tall howling coyote. There’s more detail gone into this target than many others in the market. But then that is reflected in the price, is one of the more slightly higher than average targets in terms of price. To ensure durability the target is filled with dense foam that’s self-closing. It also comes with stands to provide additional support. 

If you are planning on hunting this predator anytime soon I suggest starting with a life like target practice, and get used to seeing it through your scope.

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target:

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

This may be one of the more expensive targets available on the market, but it’s also one of the best in our opinion. With a body size comparable to that of a real 250-pound deer, this target stands at 60” tall in total with 150” antlers. The advanced polyfusion technology used to make this beast enables easy arrow removal and enough durability to withstand thousands of shots from all kinds of field tip and broadhead arrows. Comes equipped with 4-sided replaceable core insert to help prolong the life of the target.  

Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Targets – Little Shooters 3-Pack:

Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Targets – Little Shooters 3-Pack

Get an absolute bargain here with 3 targets for the price of one. This Field Logic Shooter Pack is ideal for anyone looking to get in some realistic rabbit, muskrat, or prairie dog hunting practice. Each one is made from high-density foam that’s capable of withstanding several shots. Scoring rings are conveniently placed around the animal’s vital areas allowing you to improve your accuracy. While stakes are provided to provide extra stability.                  

Rhinehart Targets Peccary Boar Target IBO Pattern:

Rhinehart Targets Peccary Boar Target IBO Pattern
This target is for the serious shooters only as is definitely one of the higher priced models available. However, is it worth the money? Absolutely! Stuffed with Rhinehart’s magic foam, this boar will keep its shape for a long time, even after undergoing hundreds of shots. Measuring in at 20”x33”, this life-size crossbow target will provide you with hours of shooting practice. The arrows are easy to remove and it’s extremely durable. Overall, a very good buy!  

So, have you found the 3D target you’ve been looking for?  We certainly hope so. There’s plenty of variety so you should find something for everyone on the list. Finding the right target is not necessarily about how lifelike it looks (as all professional archers will tell you), it’s about whether you’ll get enough practice and use out of it for your money. And luckily, with all those above, you should have no trouble with that.